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Networking is a great way to build a successful grouping of people as an entrepreneur. But many people dread going to networking events because they can be stressful and some people can just be overbearing at the event. The following tips will help you become a successful networker and make your the next networking event a breeze!

This is the easiest thing to do but it is so simple that it is often overlooked. A smile goes a long way and allows someone to see that you are approachable. Also remember to look people in the eye. This helps set a good first impression as well. Remember to smile before entering a room and starting a new conversation.

Be a good listener and don’t overtake the conversation
Everyone hates to be talked over or even cut off. When socializing at a networking event, do not try to overcompensate during a conversation. Suggest topics that are easy to discuss and be more of a conversationalist instead of a talker. When the person you are talking to speaks, make sure to give them your full attention and respond to them respectfully.

Take notes
Not only is this a great way to remember who you talked to, but it’s a great way to remember the conversation you had with the person. Writing simple things like the date and name of the event where you met the person as well as a few quick notes about the conversation will allow you to reconnect with them or follow up with them at a later time.

Share your passion
This is the easiest way to win people over. Share your enthusiasm for your product or service to leave a lasting impression on someone. This can be as simple as telling a story about why you created your product or company, to just describing what makes your company, product or service unique. The more contagious you are, the more interested people will become. This will also allow people to become comfortable and share their passion as well.

Follow up and connect on social media
Whether it’s through Facebook, LinkedIn or even Twitter, connecting through social media gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with the connection in the future. It is also the easiest way to follow up with them as well.  Networking experts recommend getting in touch with someone 48 hours after the initial meeting. Keep in mind some people also prefer to receive emails.

Keeping these simple tips in mind when attending your next networking event will guarantee a successful event as well as new connections to help grow your professional contacts.