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If you are thinking of selling your home, you want to ensure you are getting every penny that it is worth. How can you increase the value of your home? Follow these tips!

Enhance your Curb appeal

First impressions will sell your home. You need to make sure you are making a great first impression to potential buyers by capitalizing on your curb appeal. Exterior space is ‘free’ extra square footage and is so appealing to buyers so it pays to enhance it. If you don’t have a ton of extra cash to put into your curb appeal, make a simple but noticeable change. Pave your driveway or build a walkway that is appealing to potential buyers. Clean up the yard and plant a few flowers. You will be surprised at how big these seemingly small changes will be for the value of your home.

Replace or Paint your front door

Last year the highest return on investment went to replacing your front door. An old, ugly front door makes a house look cheap, uncared for and outdated.  If you cannot afford to replace your front door consider painting it a bold color, maybe using high-gloss paint. If you have questions about colors, you can check here for some inspiration. Make it a fun family adventure and do it as a team!

Hire an Inspector

If you are already stressed about what the buyers’ inspection might say, take a proactive approach and hire a  home inspector. A licensed home inspector will perform a walkthrough of your property before you decide to sell. For a very reasonable price, you’ll have a report of each and every issue that may need to be addressed in the future. You can then make decisions based off of the report about what to tackle and what to forgo.


When buyers walk through a house, they want to be able to visualize themselves living in the space. If your home is full of clutter and junk, buyers will be too distracted to imagine where they’ll put their belongings. Get rid of anything that you do not need or use. Use this as an opportunity to not only declutter your belongings, but your life in general. It is also a great opportunity to give to the less fortunate, who will be thrilled by items you haven’t used in five years!

When selling your home, you want to get as much return on your investment as possible. While this may seem daunting and expensive in itself, there are actually several free or very cheap ways of increasing the value of your home. By following this tips, you will be on your way to getting the best return for one of your most important investments, your precious home!