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Are you a young entrepreneur? Do you find that people don’t take you as seriously as you wish they would? The following are some tips for being taken more seriously as a young entrepreneur.

Prove your Commitment to the Venture

As a young entrepreneur, one of the most difficult challenges you will face is others not taking you seriously due to your age. That is why you need to prove your commitment Find visible ways to demonstrate your willingness to serve the venture and the company. For example, always go above and beyond. No matter how menial the task may seem, give it your all every single time. Be the first person in the office in the morning and the last person to leave. You may have to work harder than others to gain the respect of your peers, but it will be worth it in the end.

Set and Deliver on Objectives

Any entrepreneur should be focused on hitting their objectives. However, as a young entrepreneur, you will have to work twice as hard. Not only should you be setting realistic and effective goals, you should be hitting them quarterly as well. Goals and guidelines will go a long way towards establishing momentum and lifting team performance. If you can prove your effectiveness at hitting objectives, you will immediately be taken more seriously.

Have a Mentor

One of the most common struggles of young entrepreneurs is going it alone. Everyone can benefit from a mentor in their field, and entrepreneurs are no different. It may be a colleague, family friend or a past boss. No matter who you choose as your mentor, you can be sure you will gain valuable advice from them. Not only that, but you will also gain access to more contacts and resources.

If you want to be taken seriously in a field of experienced entrepreneurs, you need to find a way to stick out, and in a good way. This means you must prove your commitment to the venture first of all. Once that is established, be sure you are setting and then hitting company wide and personal goals and objectives. This goes a long way in gaining trust and being taken seriously by others. Lastly, you should have a mentor. A mentor is a great way to have guidance in the ever changing world of entrepreneurship.