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Entrepreneurs end up being their own boss if they are successful. If this is your ultimate goal, you need to know how to be your own best boss!

Set Measurable Goals

You are solely responsible for the growth of your business now. How can you know if it is growing if you are unable to measure growth? Your goal should be to grow your business bigger than just you. You need marketing systems (even, possibly, a team), plans for each quarter, sales goals, a system to organize your time and more.

Surround Yourself with the Right Circle

Your circle has an effect on how successful you become. One secret to becoming successful as your own boss is surrounding yourself with entrepreneurs who inspire you and push you to be your best possible self. How can you do this? Attend networking events and chat with fellow entrepreneurs.  Once you connect with someone, try connecting with his or her circle. You may be able to find the right networking group in your city, but you can also look for groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Don’t Burn Bridges

Whether you are just getting ready to become your own boss, or you have been for ten years, it is important to not burn any old bridges with bosses or colleagues. These people may become your biggest allies and potential clients when you start your business, and if your business doesn’t succeed, you may need to return to your old job. Not only can you continue to network and connect with past employers, you can tap them for ideas, feedback and even positive recommendations.

It is possible to be your own boss, and to do it well. By setting measurable goals, surrounding yourself with the right circle and maintaining good relationships with past employers, you will be better equipped to be your own boss!