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While still serving as the central productivity hub for many businesses, the modern-day office has evolved over the past few decades. No longer are offices designed with tightly packed cubicles cluttered with clunky computer equipment. To keep up with the current trends, business owners and office managers should familiarize themselves with the following office designs that are expected to gain momentum in 2018.

Color Matters

Offices today are now being designed with an emphasis on color. Aside from its aesthetic value, the right color combination can promote higher productivity. One study, for instance, found that red instills excitement and energy while bright colors drive innovation. By using these colors in their office design, business owners can create a productivity-driven workspace.

Open Office Spaces

Rather than using cubicles, many offices are now being designed with an open layout. According to a report published by Cornell University, roughly 70 percent of commercial U.S. office spaces have an open layout. It allows employees to work more efficiently and seamlessly as a team when compared to a partitioned office design.

Elements of Nature

With the average office worker spending 8.8 hours in the office, many businesses are incorporating elements of nature into their workspace designs. Apple’s corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California features a lush courtyard where employees can gather to discuss ideas, eat lunch or simply enjoy the surrounding landscape. Other companies grow plants, trees and climbing vines inside their offices. This green design creates a more natural environment that stimulates creativity. Furthermore, plants and trees reduce airborne pollution in the office by filtering dust, debris and bacteria from the air.

Branded Office Spaces

From Getty Images and LinkedIn to Amazon and Google, countless companies are incorporated their respective brand elements into their office design. By displaying their brand elements throughout their office, these companies create stronger, more recognizable brands.

Technology Integration

Office spaces are also being integrated with technology. This includes interactive whiteboards, wireless charging docks, video conferencing and cable runners for computer workstations. Some offices even feature smart speakers, allowing workers to control lights and other systems using their voice.

Will these office design trends withstand the hands of time? The way in which offices are designed will continue to change. Currently, however, these trends are dominating the commercial office space.